Reading Wall Light:How to choose a good and suitable wall light

Wall lamps are an indispensable lighting design element in home decoration. A good wall lamp can add a unique charm and comfort to your home. This article will explain in detail how to choose a good and suitable wall lamp from the following aspects.

① Lighting

The main purpose of lamps is lighting.

So you must first determine the lighting needs of the wall lamp, whether it is used to provide overall lighting or local lighting, or to decorate and create an atmosphere.

Generally speaking, the power of wall lights used for overall lighting of a 30-square-meter room is usually between 20 and 30 watts. If it is used as auxiliary lighting, the power only needs to be selected between 2-10 watts and matched with other main lights.

② Fuction and Design

When choosing a wall lamp, you also need to consider its function and design.

First, choose the function and design of the wall lamp according to your personal preferences and needs. For example, do you need a wall lamp with adjustable brightness and a remote control function?

In addition to functionality, it is of course also required to have a design that matches the overall interior decorating style. The design style of common LED wall lamps is mostly modern.

If you are choosing for a home that you are about to renovate or are currently renovating, consider recessed wall lights.

This type of wall lamp usually requires reserved holes on the wall. Compared with non-recessed wall lamps, it has the advantage of not taking up space and can be integrated with the wall. Non-recessed wall lights offer more design variety and flexibility.

③ Quality

There is no doubt that quality also needs to be considered.

A quality wall lamp not only has better safety and longevity, but also has a more refined structural design and better workmanship. Don’t worry about using after-sales service.

④ Budget

At last, you still need to choose a wall lamp that meets your needs based on your budget.

You can compare the price and performance of different brands and models and choose the wall lamp that best meets your expectations and is suitable for you.